In Game Power

Velocity-Based Training (VBT) is a hot topic in the strength and conditioning industry. Over the last few years, there’s been a surge of VBT research and various ways to [...]

speed certification

Speed Certification Q & A

Here are the top 10 questions we are getting asked about the Certified Speed & Agility Coach course. I thought it would be best to have a page to refer [...]

human body engineering

Human Movement

The advancements we have made pail in comparison to the initial human movement engineering. Often, as strength coaches, we get the “new shiny object” syndrome. We read about the [...]

Early Specialization

Thinking early specialization is the answer and forcing young kids to work to extremes is like seeing someone win the lottery and expecting to do the same. Some people [...]



Sprinting is a Skill Sprinting is one of those skills that are taken for granted. Most of the time we just say “Go run a few sprints” without knowing [...]

bent knees

Bend Your Knees

One of the most common phrases said in athletics in Bend Your Knees. It is an important phrase with good reason. When an athlete bends her knees correctly she [...]

athletic stance

Mobilize the Ankles For Power

It goes without saying, if an athlete is in a better “athletic stance”, then she can generate more power. But, what does it take to get into a better [...]

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